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Can Argentina’s President-Elect Overcome The Obstacles To Reform?

The election of Mauricio Macri, the candidate for the Cambiemos (Let’s Change) coalition, as president has been welcomed as a potential turning point in Argentina’s financial, political and foreign policy outlooks. The country’s economic performance has been overshadowed by high inflation and isolation from global capital markets, and planned reforms will likely boost its exports and could accelerate investment in areas such as infrastructure and the nascent shale gas sector.

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Macri Wins – Now What In Argentina?

UBS | With 66% of cast votes officially counted, Mauricio Macri has defeated the officialist party’s candidate Daniel Scioli with 53.46% of votes vs 46.54% in the second round of Argentina’s presidential election. At the time of writing, Scioli had already conceded defeat.


Argentina: How To Read Elections’ Unexpected Results

BARCLAYS | The results of Sunday’s general election in Argentina have forced a run-off on November 22. Defying the opinion polls, with 97% of votes counted, Mauricio Macri (34.33%) finished very close to Daniel Scioli (36.86%). The two political adversaries have very different economic agendas.