LatAm anti populists have won a battle, but not the war

The world, mostly Latin America governments lined up with social markets economies and the US, like Mexico, Peru, Colombia or Chile, have welcomed the victories of anti populist forces in Argentina and Venezuela. In a run-off election on November 22, voters in Argentina elected centrist Mauricio Macri to succeed peronist Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, with 51.4% of the vote. In Venezuela, the opposition won a two-thirds majority of 112 seats in the 167-seat National Assembly, 67% of the seats, despite winning only 56% of the popular vote.

Pacific Alliance

Investors, Latin America’s Pacific Alliance is here to stay

MADRID |By Carlos Álvaro at Capital Madrid | Latin America’s Pacific Alliance is meeting this week in Colombia. For Spain, it might be a gateway to Asian markets that could bring some hope in times of crisis. Many analysts also consider it “the new Brazil”, the best option for foreign investors who want to enter the juicy Latin American market.