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EU launches ‘gas cap’ (€180 MW/h) full of exceptions

A record six (mostly extraordinary) meetings were held in the end and the last one produced a white smoke: an agreement to impose a €180 cap on the price of imported gas. The new ‘gas market correction mechanism’ will operate with a double safety key. It will be triggered automatically when, for 3 consecutive days, the price on the Dutch TTF market reaches 180 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). But…

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Europe’s Natural Gas Stores Are At Around 33.83% Of Their Capacity; Germany Is At 32.77% And Spain At 58.36%

Intermoney | The EU is the area that would be worst off in the event of a war in Ukraine. At this point, it is worth remembering that Russia was the first supplier of the EU in terms of energy raw materials in a normal year such as 2019. In that year, 46.7% of the EU’s imports of solid fuels (i.e. coal), 41.1% of those related to natural gas and…


Coal: A Silent Comeback

Julius Baer Research | The past years’ least loved commodity has made a silent comeback. Coal prices are up more than 30% from the earlier year lows. Northwest European coal import prices, the leading benchmark, trade above USD 55 per tonne. The comeback is in part related to the oil and natural gas price rally.

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US Natural Gas Production Stalls As Europe Becomes The Dumping Ground For Gas Supplies

Julius Baer Research | US natural gas prices surged more than 5% yesterday in part driven by slowing production and warm weather forecasts suggesting increased power demand. The official monthly statistics released yesterday showed a sequential decline of natural gas production in March, confirming the view among analysts that the shale oil drilling downturn will weigh on associated natural gas supplies.