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Neinor Homes share capital set at €615.49 M and 74.96 M ordinary shares with a par value of €8.21 each

Link Securities | The socimi informed the CNMV that on February 21, 2024, the public deed to reduce its share capital by €39.73 million by reducing the par value of the company’s shares by €0.53 was registered in the Vizcaya Mercantile Registry. As a result, the share capital of Neinor Homes has been set at €615.49 million divided into 74.96 ordinary shares with a par value of €8.21 each, which…

Neinor Homes

Small & Mid Caps: Neinor Homes, Hitting bottom

Sabadell | Neinor 8 April´s profit warning was undoubtedly a bucket of cold water, not just because it was unexpected (the consensus expected a lowering of targets), but also because of the scale of the cut (-50% of the Ebitda accumulated in 2019 and 2020). In this note we downgrade our objective price 13% to 13.86 euros/share because of the delay in the delivery plan and because of more conservative profitability hypotheses in the long term. Despite the cut in our O.P. we continue to see value in the share and maintain or recommendation of BUY.

Four years ago no housing was being built in Spain , and now 90,000 units are being built

“Where There Is Demand There Are No Houses, So Prices Go Up”

Mari Pinardo | Neinor Homes is the first housing promotor to return to the stock market 10 years after the crisis. Its CEO, Juan Velayos, recognises that many things have improved since then: Four years ago no housing was being built, and now 90,000 units are being built”. But he admits there are deep rooted problems in the sector: “Spain is seriously bad at generating supply, we are paying far more for apartments than we could do if there were transparent criteria.”