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Brexit is not about compromise

Why Brexit Could Pave The Way To A ‘Stronger and Better Europe’

George Soros via Caixin | Europe’s leaders must seize the moment to push forward reforms that can reshape the EU into an organization that people want to be a part of. Until the British public voted to leave the European Union, the refugee crisis was the greatest problem Europe faced. Indeed, that crisis played a critical role in bringing about the greater calamity of Brexit.

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The “Fine Post-Brexit Rain” Has Already Dampened The Property Sector

After Standard Life announced on Monday that it had suspended withdrawals from its UK Real Estate Fund (2.9 billion GBP in assets), yesterday the whole sector (property funds), with assets under management of approximately 9 billion GBP, decided to follow suit. The two funds which stand out by size are: M&G Property Portfolio (4.4 billion GBP, the biggest) and Aviva (1.8 billion GBP).

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Post-Brexit, What Will Janet Yellen’s Next Excuse Be?

James Alexander via Historinhas | Market Monetarists must hope that Mark Carney doesn’t seek to defend the pound, but let currency weakness do it’s magic, monetarily offsetting any expected economic weakness. A drop in the pound is not like a drop in the price of a company after a profit warning that reflects a weaker future.

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Post Brexit Negotiations Will Be Both Noisy And Prolonged

Natixis AM | The upcoming UK referendum on EU membership appears to be a knife’s edge contest. Although financial markets have already felt some impact, if the vote produces an “out” result, global markets face additional turbulence this summer.