Wall Street

Mega dividends under suspicion

Ricardo Jiménez (Harmon) | Albertsons is the second largest food supermarket chain in the United States, by number of shops. The company has more than 2,200 outlets, employing nearly 300,000 people. Its sales exceed $75 billion.  In October 2022 it received a takeover offer from Kroger, the largest chain in the country, for a sum of close to twenty-five billion dollars. The merger of the two companies will create the…

Private Equity

The Cult Of Alternatives Replaces The Cult Of the Equity

Mark Tinker Chief Economist at AXA IM Framlington Equities in Asia reminds us in one of his last notes of the stark contrast between the institutional investor in the west and the emerging retail and wholesale investors in the east. Western pension funds have long since abandoned the cult of the equity, the dominant alternative asset remains is  Private Equity. The industry overall took in a record $453bn last year.


How much cheaper would they want Europe to be to make a good deal?

NEW YORK | Yields on Greek bonds are the highest ever. Spanish and Italians are pretty good also. If they pay back, it could be a very sweet deal for every savvy investor. And private assets are on sale too. In 2010, Apollo Global Management bought a portfolio of distressed property loans owned by Credit Suisse for about $1.2 billion, a roughly 50 percent discount to the face value, according…