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EU: Euroscepticism To Conceal Italy’s Decline

Alexandre Mato (Brussels) | Protectionism and government interference has buried the corporate operation of the year. Fiat Chrysler withdrew its 33 billion euro offer to merge with Renault Nissan, based on a car which had barely begun its race to third position in the car making world.

US volatility towards 2020

US Protectionism Could Toss World Trade Into Tailspin

Razeen Sally via Caixin | International trade is in trouble after the global financial crisis and, with the new Donald Trump administration, the world faces a protectionist onslaught. As a result, there are three ways that international trade can go from here — one considerably more likely than the other two.


France: the end of the laissez-faire

MADRID | The Corner | Remember when back in 2005, politicians in Paris stood up in arms amid rumours of Pepsi trying to bid for Danone? That operation never saw the light but from now France’s government will have more power to block foreign takeovers in strategic industries such as energy, transport and telecom. It’s a “necessary rearmement for the Government,” argues Economy and Industry minister Arnaud Montebourg, who stopped the Dailymotion acquisition and recently appeared in a national magazine wearing the iconic marinière T-shirt, a French brand watch and holding a Moulinex mixer. Economic patriotism that might be useful before the EU elections but can also hurt a state in need of foreign investment.