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UK: Have you heard about the new Scottish financial City?

LONDON | By Víctor Jiménez | The financial services industry in Scotland is more than twice as large as that of the rest of the UK when compared to the gross domestic product. But where the unionism points out an unaffordable risk, some analysts see an opportunity. (Image: The first minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond by Robert Perry/EPA)

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Desperate British bankers and the knighthood raiders

LONDON | Who in Britain would place faith in the good nature of bankers? While Wednesday afternoon the House of Commons played volleyball blaming either Labour opposition or the Conservative-led Coalition cabinet for the bonus pool available to top Royal Bank of Scotland 83pc-public workers (remember the €45 billion taxpayer bailout), how lonely Commerzbank’s chairman Martin Blessing must have felt. Mr Blessing told a London court on Monday that most of his…