Reforms in Spain

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OECD to Spain: Reform your reforms

MADRID | The Corner | Monetary policy is practically exhausted, there is almost no room for fiscal manoeuver due to the excess of indebtment… the only possible move for Spain now is “reforming the reform,” as Barclays’ Alberto Vigil commented on Tuesday. The Paris-based think-tank, who as usual warned about the huge unemployment rate and the deflation risk on Monday, recommended increasing consumer, property, and green taxes, and reducing employer contributions to social security for less-skilled workers.

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Everyone Praises Reforms in Spain But What About Structural Problems?

MADRID | By Jaime Fernández Santisteban | After months at the centre of controversy, Spain is making headlines about recovery and everyone seems to be bullish on the country. Spain is almost back to pre-crisis levels, says IMF’s Lagarde. But is it? What has changed then? Marta Soria and Rebeca Gimeno are a couple of journalist-economists behind Economía en dos tardes, a blog bringing economy and business closer to people. They shared with The Corner TV their outlook for the year that is just beginning.