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EU-Turkey Refugee Plan: One For One And None For All

Nick Malkoutzis via Macropolis | European Union leaders and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu are due to met again in Brussels last week to finalise an agreement on the resettlement of refugees. Europe appears ready to come together and hold its nose to get the deal done but there is still the potential it could fail, leaving Greece alone and holding its head.

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Europe In 2016

Maxime Larivé | With the rise of the far-right, national politics will certainly have their say on international relations in Europe. It has become routine for analysts to identify issues and threats that may occur throughout the next 12 months. And every time, experts underline how futile such an exercise can be.

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10 Good Things About the Not-So-Great 2015

Medea Benjamin | It would certainly be easy to do a piece about ten horrible events from 2015—from the ongoing war in Syria and the refugee crisis, to the attacks in Beirut, Paris and San Bernardino, to the rise of Donald Trump and Islamophobia. But that wouldn’t be a very inspiring way to bid farewell to this year and usher in a new one. So let’s look at ten reasons to feel better about 2015.

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Challenges Facing the EU Today

JOHN BRUTON | With a refugee crisis, a banking union and the prospect of a Brexit, the European Union is faced with a host of questions. The situation was described at the EPP Congress as the “most serious crisis for the European Union since its creation.” This is not an exaggeration.