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German macroeconomics will determine ECB bond purchases

MADRID | The Corner | Markets are already discounting the ECB’s QE of sovereign debt. That is why the risk premiums of the European periphery are now at historical low levels –take the Spanish one, for instance, which has dropped to 108 points. The yield of the 10-year bond has fallen to 1.85%. In this context, a sovereign bond purchase program still makes sense. “The latest inflation data of the Eurozone, which are at 0.3%, are a clear indicator of that,” Felipe López-Gálvez, expert at Self Bank, explains. However, the program would not acquire a full meaning until the German economy showed signs of weakness. “If Germany holds on,” then the ECB will not come to that extreme.

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“The Spanish risk premium may go below 250 basis points before the end of 2013”

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | Daniel Álvarez is analyst at XTB. In a conversation with The Corner, he forecast a “positive scenario” in which “the Spanish risk premium may go even below 250 basis points before the end of the year.” Also, he claimed, “if Europe does its homework, the eurozone markets will become a very good investment opportunity.”


Where Spain’s risk premium should be

MADRID | The cost excess the Spanish government pays for credit from the capital markets in comparison with Germany, which is considered the benchmark in confidence matters in the sovereign bond sector, has fallen since last week's euro summit. The main two reasons seem to be that the plan for financial aid for Spain to recapitalise its banks was somehow agreed by the euro authorities, and the possibility that the…


Is Spain’s risk premium being exaggerated? Yes, say the big companies

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Report and counter-report, this seems to be the general trend in talking about the Spanish economy’s health. Wednesday it was the CEEC’s occasion to present a report. The nation-wide competitiveness council integrated by presidents of the big Spanish multinationals assured that “expected losses in the the banking sector are limited. Since 2007, the industry has assumed €190 billion of them, including implications from last…

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Madrid’s financial City doubts the Spanish risk premium can fall below 300bp

By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | Even though the Spanish risk premium on Wednesday morning dropped to 328 basis points, financial analysts in Madrid are split up about its evolution. 50% of the analysts consulted by Consenso consider reasonable a fall below 300bp before the end of 2012. Most of them clarify that the risk premium will decrease, but depending on economic developments in the international economic context. Also, some of…

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Markets force Italy to pay two-year credit at 7.8pc interest rate

By Europa Press | The Italian Treasury on Friday placed €10 billion in two debt auctions, one due at six month and the other at twenty four months. Yet, it has been forced to provide record interests: 6.504% and 7.814%, respectively. Specifically, Italy’s Treasury sold €8 billion in bonds with six-month maturity for which they had to offer a record yield of 6.504%: 84% more than in the previous auction…