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The big Socimis, Merlin, Colonial and Lar España, will pass the CPI rise on to tenants

Bankinter | Merlin, Colonial and Lar España foresee passing inflation on to their rents. They give assurances they will enforce contracts, just as they did when inflation was zero or in negative territory. Bankinter’s opinion: Good news for the sector, although it should be viewed with caution. We do not think the increase in inflation is going to be applied across the board. There will be some assets requiring negotiation with…


Spanish SOCIMIs Could Suffer A Major Setback With A Tax Burden Of 15%

Even though SOCIMIS have played a leading role in the Spanish real estate market since 2013 , as a result of Covid-19, their market value has dropped to €21.268 Bn, a decline of more than 17% against the end of 2019. In addition, these vehicles have benefited from a tax regime adapted to that of traditional REITs. Now, however, the government could impose a tax burden of 15% on them, which would damage cash flow and increase the risk premium associated with investing in real estate assets in Spain, say Banco Sabadell analysts.