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Sovereign Wealth Funds Invested €2.8 Billion In 12 Spanish Companies In 2021

Fernando Rodríguez| Sovereign wealth funds’ investment in Spanish companies last year was the third largest in total volume in the last 10 years. This is according to the report Sovereign Wealth Funds 2021 Changes and Challenges accelerated by the Covid 19 pandemic, presented today by Icex and the Instituto de Empresa (IE). GIC, one of Singapore’s two sovereign wealth funds, and Abu Dhabi’s investment vehicle were the two most active…

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Spain Is On The Sovereign Funds’ Radar

Fernando Rodríguez| Sovereign funds have invested 28.3 billion euros in Spanish companies in the period 2011-2016. Norway’s sovereign fund GPFG alone closed last year with a portfolio of over 12 billion euros in Spain, with shares in 75 companies and over 3.5 billion euros in government debt.

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Repsol is to attract more sovereign funds to Spain

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Spanish oil company Repsol could sell two block of shares reaching 10% to sovereign funds. The presence of this kind of investors in Spain is not new, much less in strategy sectors such as energy, but the point is that corporate managing teams have allowed those to enter their capital and look under the rug. Furthermore, sovereign funds’ investments criteria such as will of permanence, long term view and sustainability are always good news for a firm. Singapore’s Temasek fund already holds 5% of Repsol, while Qatar’s has also participation in other national energy companies. Therefore, both would have more options to be those packages’ next owners.

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SPECIAL: Sovereign Funds’ Scope Reaches Spain

MADRID | By Julia Pastor Sovereign funds’ bet on Spanish companies continued to be strong during 2012-13. Spain and its brands were these global investors’ favourite picks in the euro zone, overcoming English, German or French firms. The trend is to be renowed in 2014 because of their strong presence in the emerging markets of Latin America.