Spanish exports

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Russia represents 1.1% of Spanish exports

MADRID | The Corner | The Russian market represents a low proportion of the Eurozone’s goods exports: below 3% for the major economies. In the case of Spain, the percentage is just 1.1%. According to experts at Afi, a decrease in the amount of Russian tourists arriving in Spain could have an impact on the Spanish economy. After all, its current contribution to the sector is just (2.4%), but before last summer, Russian tourism was a spur to Spanish tourism. 

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Eurozone absorbs 50% of the Spanish exports

MADRID | The Corner | One of the risks of the Spanish economy is the significant lost of dynamism in the Eurozone. The latest data of the balance of trade published on Monday explain such fear. Thus, the Spanish exports registered last September a year-on-year rate of 9.6% (-5.1% from the previous month).

Spanish exports

The lesson Spanish exports teach

MADRID | By Luis Alcaide | Having now the evidence of how Spain is successfully expanding its exports, the IMF should be able to tell what are competitive businesses from the onerous legacy of over-privileged labour practices that take place in some institutions.

Spanish economy

The Spanish economy as a surprise

MADRID | By Alfredo Pastor, for | The main surprise about Spain is the size and speed of our external adjustment. Fiscal adjustment and the good behaviour of exports are also two positive surprises. Citizen solidarity helps counteract the grave effects of the crisis.

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Spanish exports fiesta: 40% more companies selling their goods abroad

MADRID | By Juan de la Cruz Martín Rozas, Crédito y Caución | Spain contributes with 1.7% to the global exchange of goods trade, after Germany, France, Italy or the United Kingdom. However, the growth experienced by Spanish exports in recent years, including 2012, is the highest of the European economies.