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Norwegian Immigration and Europe’s Swiss Dilemma

At first glance, Norway and Switzerland seem to have much in common. Both are prosperous alpine nations with relatively small populations (5.1 million and 8 million), while they also have some of the lowest unemployment levels in Europe (3.6% and 3.5%). In fact, both nations are enjoying tremendous success amid turbulent economic times. Norway , however, will not seek to emulate Switzerland’s policy on immigration quotas.


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Spain could raise €200mn from the wealthy’s Swiss accounts

Digital news website El Confidencial on Tuesday published an article about the effect the so-called Rubik Plan would have on the Spanish budget. This is a bilateral agreement to lift banking secrecy in Switzerland, which would allow hidden account holders in the country to pay taxes anonymously in Spain. The conclusion of experts is clear: the amount collected thanks to this measure would barely exceed €200 million, a somewhat tiny…