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Taiwan’s Economy Is Still Holding Up, But Capital Outflows And Mainland China’s Lockdowns Show The Risks

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | With high inflation globally and supply chain disruptions in Mainland China, Taiwan will face more headwinds in growth. Even though the economic fundamentals are still supportive, the worsened environment can multiply risks in capital outflows and corporate profits. Above all, the good news is exports and investment remain the strong pillars. With buoying global demand, Taiwan’s export grew 24% YoY in Q1 2022. There was…

Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong protests: threat to regional stability

Shaun Riordan │ The Hong Kong protests have now entered their tenth week. Over the weekend protestors are reported to have fought running battles with the police in the Metro system. The police have had recourse to batons and tear gas. The dangers for Hong Kong´s political and economic future are clear. But the dangers are much broader than Hong Kong. Markets should be watching carefully.

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BBVA becomes the first Spanish bank to open a branch in Taiwan

BBVA’s representative office in Taipei, set up in 2006, is now a full branch. The entity is now the first Spanish bank to open a branch in Taiwan and the first European bank to open one since the financial crisis began. BBVA began building its Asian franchise over 30 years ago and now has operations in the continent’s main financial centers. The Taipei branch will be added to the group’s…