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5G: the real reason behind US attacks on Huawei

In a market governed by traders, the final investor sits out

J.J.Figares (Link Securities) | As expected, the news that the US Commerce Department has approved a list of companies exempt from the prohibition on technology transfer to Chinese companies, amongst them Huawei, served as a catalyst for western variable income, allowing the main US and European stock markets to recover part of the losses suffered on Monday.


Apple: “There is upside to gross margins” (UBS)

MADRID | The Corner | “Apple became a stalled growth stock that has started to show momentum again,” analysts at UBS believe. The tech giant is announcing its fiscal 3Q results on Tuesday after the markets close. Although 3Q reports have historically been sluggish for the firm because clients don’t want to purchase gadgets until the new ones come out in September, expectations are high. UBS rises their price target from $100 to $115 per share, among others because some new product categories could “put the mojo back in the story.”

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“The risk of a tech stocks bubble is greater but there are pockets of opportunity”

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | Is there a risk bubble in the tech stocks? For Jonathan Cohen, CEO of TIIC Capital, a company focused on corporate debt investments, there is indeed, and it’s greater than before. However, one can still get very lucky since there are real businesses making real profits. He gives us his recipe for picking stocks and debt issues, although he confesses their “forecast for 2014 is uncertainty.”