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How Podemos Got Old

Fernando González Urbaneja | A decade ago now, in the midst of the 2008-12 recession, that of the financial crisis which was more than that, the so-called “15M” movement emerged in Spain and “Occupy WS” in New York. They proclaimed loudly, chanting slogans such as: “they don’t represent us”, “they call it democracy and it isn’t”, “Take the square”, “PP and PSOE it’s the same shit”, “no home, no job,…

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Now Is The Time To Break Spain’s Political Deadlock

One of the effects of the long, deep crisis has been the redrawing of the political map in Spain, as well as in other European countries, but these new balances need to mature and consolidate. The process is underway, but the destination has not been written down.  Over the last few years we have witnessed the confusion of the European social democrats.