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Piketty: “We are reinforcing social inequality with public money”

Ana Fuentes | The inequality trap lies in the fact that, thanks to globalization and the market economy, inequality between countries has been reduced in recent decades, but nevertheless it has increased internally in most of them. For Thomas Piketty, one of the most respected economists by the European left, the first thing is to recognize that inequality is not economic or technological, but essentially political. There is much talk of meritocracy and equal opportunities, but the gap does not stop growing and comes from public policies. And he sets his own country as an example.

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The liberal case against a Universal Basic Income

NEW YORK|By Mike Konczal at Next New Deal| With the coming referendum in Switzerland has come a flurry of commentary about a “Universal Basic Income” (UBI). There are people for and people against, from the left and from the right. One powerful reason to reject the idea is the fact that a payment of $10,000 to every U.S. adult, a pretty basic basic income, would seemingly cost $2.5 trillion.