US-China relationship

Geopolitical risks for 2019

Let’s Get Real About The Geopolitics Of 2019 Markets

Shaun Riordan | I have been reading a whole series of market forecasts for 2019. While it is relieving that at last they include political or geopolitical factors, I was struck by those factors, which could have dramatic impact on companies or markets which were left out, or misinterpreted.

The economic cold war between the US and China is here to stay

China-US Friendship Goes Deeper Than Fights Over Trade, Pollution

James Rice via Caixin | The U.S. media’s daily narrative on China and the U.S.-China relationship paint a bleak picture: Pollution, exchange rates, ghost cities, protectionism, and unfair trade practices dominate the story. Rather, we should remember that historically, China and the U.S. have been friends and have long enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship.

CUS China trade conflict

As Global Power Shifts, U.S. Must Win Beijing’s Cooperation

David M. Lampton via Caixin | The U.S.–China relationship is fraught with problems and will be for the foreseeable future. The U.S. is no longer positioned to compel cooperation from China. Any policy changes from Beijing must be negotiated, and within this negotiation Washington must seek a balance of power and interests.

US jobs

China Spending To Help Boost American Job

Henry M. Paulson Jr via Caixin | Trade does result in very real and serious job losses, while its benefits are spread more broadly over the entire U.S. economy. Yet many job losses are not a result of trade; they are actually driven by productivity gains related to rapid advancements in technology, a powerful force disrupting labor markets globally and affecting numerous countries, including the U.S. and China.