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US recession? With March fiscal deficit at $378 billion, it’s complicated

Julio López (Attitude Gestión SGIIC) | Never has a recession been more unanimously expected. Interest rate hikes and lower government spending should have slowed economic growth, yet we don’t see it today. But the question is, has there really been such a reversal in monetary and fiscal policies? It is true that the FED has tried to reduce its balance sheet, but the small crisis in the American banking sector…

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Mild recession in the United States this year

Santander | It is one of the first headlines from last night’s FOMC minutes. Fed staff members go from assigning a near 50% probability, to now forecasting a mild recession. With the Fed also nearing the end of the cycle, it is no surprise that some dissenting voices are beginning to appear, opening the door to new bouts of volatility that have not favoured the credit market (MOVE/Main correlation of…

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Market discounts further moderation in US headline CPI but indicates rebound in underlying

Renta 4 : European stock markets open almost flat (Eurostoxx futures -0.2%, S&P futures 0%), on a day in which the main reference will be the US March inflation data (2:30pm). The market expects further moderation in headline CPI (5.1%e vs 6% year-on-year), but a rebound in core CPI (5.6%e vs 5.5% previously) after five consecutive months of decline from a peak of 6.6%. We will see its impact on…

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Is Recession Inevitable?

Morgan Stanley | The probability of recession especially in the US has increased for most investors in recent weeks. Indeed, our analyst Ellen Zentner has revised her growth estimates downwards (on a 4Q/4Q basis): -10bps for 2023 (to 0.3%) and -20bps in 2024 (to 1%). Even in the case of avoiding technical recession, the impact on the labour market would be unavoidable: the macro team expects new jobs to be…

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ECB continues to contradict market expectations with tightening messages

Renta 4 : Today, on a day in which futures point to an opening with little change, the main macro reference will be the number of available job openings in the JOLTS (Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey) in the US, which is expected to remain high in February (10.5 million expected as opposed to 10.824 million previously), giving signs of a still very solid labour market. This data will…

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Reaching 2% inflation to be a long schlep for the Fed: aiming for 3.6% this year, 2.6% in 2024 and 2.1% in 2025

Intermoney | The same could be said of the update of the macro picture forecasts. Economic projections are not necessarily a roadmap for policy and are subject to change. In fact, they have been changing from quarter to quarter. The projections point to inflation at 3.6% this year, one tenth of a percentage point higher than forecast in December. In 2024 it will moderate (2.6%), but it will not be…

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Fed to consider stricter regulation for medium-sized banks

Banca March | The collapse of SVB and Signature Bank has prompted the Fed to consider extending regulatory restrictions that so far only apply to large Wall Street banks. This would include stricter capital and liquidity requirements, as well as annual stress tests. Specifically, according to Reuters, the institution is currently reviewing the capital and liquidity requirements it imposes on banks, especially those with assets of between $100 and $250…

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Litmus test for American and European inflation will be between April and July, when March-June data is published

Bankinter | The US inflation published today is for February, so we should not expect it to ease because it still compares with months in 2022 before the invasion of Ukraine and, therefore, before the sharp price rises. That means that the real litmus test for inflation (both American and European) will take place between April and July, when the March-June records are published. It was in those months that…

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US GDP revised downward in Q4: growth came in at +2.7% quarter-on-quarter

Banca March : In the US, Q4 GDP was revised downwards: growth came in at +2.7% quarter-on-quarter annualised vs. +2.9% published in the first estimate. Although GDP continues to show sustained growth, the component reading was weak as this revision was mainly explained by a lower contribution from private consumption that grew by +1.4% quarterly annualised compared to +2.1% previously published. Moving on to other data, in the labour market,…


US Yield curve inverted by almost one point

The unexpected US retail sales data triggered a sharp rise in yields, especially the 2-year UST, which reached almost 4.70%, pushing the inversion of the 2s10s curve above 90 bps for the first time since the early 1980s, and extending expectations of Fed tightening into the summer. The swap market was even discounting an interest rate peak of 5.30% in July.