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Ben Bernanke

Playing God with the US economy

WASHINGTON | Two online games posted in two regional Federal Reserve’s banks (San Francisco and Atlanta) enable us to forecast that the extremely accommodative US monetary policy will continue for a long period of time.


Can the euro mess up the US economy? Yes, it can!

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | What I would like to do here is bringing a magnifying glass on to a recent lapse of time and see if the fourth euro crisis (yes, I said fourth) has somehow cooled the US economy down. It’s possible, you know. In the US, the authorities are beginning to see signs of how the economic activity is loosing steam, such as in weekly claims for unemployment…


Barclays: Federal Reserve too hopeful on US productivity

MADRID | Analysts at Barclays said Tuesday in a report that they are less than convinced that the productive capacity of the US economy, the famous output gap, is as large as the Federal Reserve believes. And the consequences of this realisation spell further trouble for any global economic recovery. According to Barclays experts in Madrid, once investors acknowledge that China’s GDP is slowing and that the stimulus measures may…