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Fed keeps the markets in suspense

Next week’s Federal Reserve meeting ( September 16th and 17th) has investors on tenterhooks. Some Fed members have recently pointed to a possible rate hike in September, raising concerns not only in the markets but also amongst IMF and World Bank leaders.

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Less Slack=Self Sustaining Momentum

By UBS analysts | As the US economic recovery completes its fifth year, direct policy stimulus is no longer being applied, but the economy is poised to move ahead on its own self-generating momentum. Real GDP growth is expected at 2.9% in 2015 and 2.8% in 2016. Less slack in the labor market along with accelerating labor demand should soon be accompanied by somewhat faster wage gains to boost household incomes, confidence and spending. A rising industrial capacity utilization rate should help trigger more sustained gains in capex. And a falling residential rental vacancy rate should further stimulate rents and residential construction.