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Stunned By The US Jobs Report

Michelle Meyer & Alexander Lin (BofA Global Research) | The May jobs report was nothing short of stunning. The labor market recovery started earlier than expected as job growth rebounded by 2.5mn in May. In total, 22mn jobs were lost with a peak U-rate of 14.7%. The quick bounce in job growth reflects the “easy” rehiring. The path becomes more challenging thereaſter, with a long road to full employment.


The odds of a next rates hike by the Ded

The Odds On An Early Rate Hike

The outstanding labour market performance in the US has triggered widespread speculation of a Fed rate hike as early as September. Nonetheless, most new jobs are part-time, while the hourly wage increase lags well behind its pre-crisis pace.

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US Close To Full Employment Not Recession

The latest jobs data from the US is the worst for six years:  38,000 jobs created in May compared to the 160,000 expected. The market slumped on the news of the bad figures, but Yellen played them down. She said “too much attention” should not be paid to one jobs report and that she was still in favour of raising rates.

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Strong US jobs report stirs debate on Fed’s earlier move

MADRID | The Corner |“Yabadabadu!,” US economist Justin Wolfers exclaimed on his Twitter account.  The strong jobs report (unemployment rate declined to near a six-year low of 6.1% and non-farm payrolls rose by 288,000 last month)was released on Thursday gave a shot of optimism over the strength of the job market’s recovery. The Dow broke 17,000 for the first time. Will all this have any influence on the Fed’s tapering plans?