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The year in which even Buffett did badly

The Year In Which Even Buffett Did Badly

Manuel Moreno Capa | Making an attributable net profit of 3.542 billion euros is having a bad year? The answer is yes, although only of you are called Warren Buffet and these 3.542 billion euros earnt on 2018 represent a collapse of 91% over what you made in the previous year. Buffet cannot be very satisfied with these mediocre results of his investment flagship, Berkshire Hathaway.

The year in which even Buffett did badly

Father Buffett Admonishes Quickness And Commends The Virtues Of Being Passive

Be passive! That seems to be the key for successfully investing these days. Put your money in an ETF that targets a basket of stocks, or, even better, into an indexed fund and forget about the rest. It is a market trend that has been blessed by no other than Warren Buffet. In his last encyclical (otherwise known as, simply, Berkshire’s letter to shareholders), the Oracle of Omaha tells his flock