Market makers welcome Master investor Warren Buffett to Twitter

Warren Buffet

US king investor and billionaire Warren Buffett has always been tech shy: he doesn’t have a computer on his desk and confessed once he didn’t even know how to access his phone’s voice mail. Yet now he has decided to join Twitter. The Omaha Oracle is the second-richest person with a verified account, after Bill Gates.

Buffett, who is well-known for his folksy approach to investment and his austere way of life -he enjoys taking his grandkids to McDonalds- describes himself as “Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway”. Nothing about him being the world’s fourth richest person, with a $53 billion fortune.

Celebrities, investors and politicians congratulated him on his new handle: “@WarrenBuffett Welcome to @Twitter. What took you so long?,” Bill Clinton said. His former senior advisor George Stephanopoulos also showed his sympathy: “Big @twitter welcome to the ‘Oracle of Omaha.'”

As Bloomberg shows on a witty video, Buffett is all over American consumers’ life: from the shower (his firm Berkshire Hathaway owns 1.9% of Procter & Gamble), to their clothing (100% of Fruit of the Loom) to their car insurance (100% Geico).

Now that the SEC allows companies to communicate with investors via social media, many market makers are following very close the Omaha’s Oracle steps.

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