Twitter and Facebook must grow up

For Facebook and Twitter, the World Is Not Flat

If you thought social media’s challenge was limited to the US, then look further. Facebook, Twitter and Google face additional challenges while dealing with India. Their ability to stay relevant and monetize is based on three factors: a) the size of their user base; b) user interaction rates with the platforms; and c) how many users trust these platforms?

Twitter and Facebook must grow up

Risks For August (II): Facebook And Twitter Recall Concerns About The Tech Sector

Facebook and Twitter have been significantly punished by investors following figures about users which created doubts about the performance of both companies in the future. In the first case, the number of users active per month increased 1.74% in 2018 to pass from 2.196 millions to 2.234 million, disappointing market expectations and delivering the smallest increase since Facebook provided figures.

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Twitter IPO: First Trade at $45.10 as it Happened

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | Micro-blogging star Twitter made its debut at NYSE on Thursday, opening at $45.10 a share, well above the $26 set by the firm and its bankers. Indeed, it was a big day for the New York stock, more than for the company itself, since what we saw on the floor was a mere game of offer and demand, nothing to do with the company’s real value. Outside of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, many find it hard to get excited about this IPO.


Twitter IPO: much expected, little known

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | In a less-than-140-characters tweet, Twitter announced its much-anticipated IPO on Thursday. The social network, which has over 200 million users, filed confidential paperwork so nobody really knows its value or how fast it’s really growing. Some analysts put its value at around $10 billion, others up to $16bn. All bets are on.


Forget goalfing, start tweeting

To become an interesting CEO you can prove to be a rare wine specialist, go fishing or pepper witty comments about Merkel and the Eurocrisis. But do you tweet? Only 20 CEOs out of Fortune 500 companies do. And according to a McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report called The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies that is the best strategy. MGI has found out that 72 percent…

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Twitter’s underground economy: are you being followed?

Students and politicians know it: a remarkable number of followers make a Twitter profile shine, look cooler or more credible. And not all of them need to be real. They can be purchased with a simple click: on average, 1,000 followers cost a mere $18. At some webs like BuyTwitterFollowers it costs $77 to buy 5,000 Twitter follower bots. Research Scientist at Barracuda Labs Jason Ding made an interesting study…