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Only 3% of Ibex 35 companies have female CEOs

F.R. | Ibex 35 companies have only 3% female CEOs, 9% female board chairwomen and 19% female presence in senior management, according to the Barometer of Gender Diversity in Governing Bodies in Europe, based on the analysis of the main stock market indicators of 16 European markets and the Stoxx600 as of January 1st this year, carried out by ecoDa, the European Federation of Directors’ Organisations to which the Spanish…

On gender equality

On Gender Equality, Is the Public More Progressive Than Political Elites?

Women have rallied around the world  for gender equality and against violence on International Women’s Day celebrated in current week. Citi analysts Tina M Fordham and the independent political commentator Peter Kellner have wondered if this movement will last and can mean a sufficient momentum to bring about a “tipping point”.