Worst August for Spanish car sales since 2008

Car manufacturers

Link Securities | According to data from the association of carmakers (Anfac), sellers (Ganvam) andconcessions (Faconauto), sales of new cars and SUVs in Spain fell 30.8% year on year in August to 74,490 vehicles.

The year on year evolution is distorted by the extraordinary month of August in 2018, a consequence of the regulatory changes affecting new vehicles which came into effect the next month – the worldwide harmonised light vehicle test procedure (WLTP).

Nevertheless, and taking this into account, August saw the largest fall in car sales in this month since 2008, when in full economic crisis sales fell 41.27% year on year. In August new car sales fell in all areas: 27.5% private cars (41,657 vehicles), 34.4% company cars (28,672 vehicles) and 36% rentals (6,505 vehicles). In eight months in 2019 so far, sales of new cars and SUVs in Spain have fallen 9.2% year on year.