Mark Zuckerberg Learns the Game

Peter Isackson (Fair Observer) | With the integrity of a monopoly to ensure, Mark Zuckerberg, the enfant terrible, has taken a major step forward in becoming a Washington insider.

Spain will impose a 5% tax on foreign and Spanish companies’ digital services

Spain To Introduce The First “Real” Digital Tax In The EU

The Treasury will impose a 5% tax on foreign and Spanish companies’ digital services. This new tax will be on the intermediary services and the publicity and sale of digital data up to 5% of the turnover of all companies which offer these services in Spain.

Dow Jones

The US: The Paradox Of The Dow Jones Index

It doesn’t matter what Trump says: the manufacturing companies are facing hard times. The best example of this is the Dow Jones. If the index was composed today of the same stocks as in 2004, it would not reach 13,000 points.


No Picture

Facebook investors are getting anxious

NEW YORK | What happens when you know the path to benefits is long and uncertain, but your current expenses are growing? You might have bought stock on Facebook because of the media hype, yet now you are not sure how to monetize it. Neither do they.

Facebook’s juicy iceberg

NEW YORK | You update your status. You share last weekend pictures in the snow and react on your colleague’s comments to the football game….