Spanish small business, the starting point for a growing Germany

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Small and medium size companies are the most vulnerable side of the European economy, but also the most powerful weapon to get out of the crisis. Germany will develop a €10 billion credit plan to move peripheral countries SMEs for their own export engine works.

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Portugal must learn to love austerity

LISBON | The Portuguese Constitutional Court’s rejection of some proposed austerity measures is the latest setback for Portugal’s government. However, this is an opportunity truly to reform the state and end the current impasse.

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Portugal shouted ‘enough’!

From Presseurope.eu | By Daniel Oliveira | More than a million people of all ages took to the streets of Portugal on March 2 to demand an end to austerity. The growing discontent could bring down the political system that has been in place since the fall of the dictatorship.

How Portugal charms investors

Presseurope | by  | Hard-hit by the crisis, Lisbon is wooing rich investors from its former colonies. Anyone who invests in the country has a good chance of obtaining a visa — and an open door to the rest of Europe.