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Alberto Lozano is The Corner correspondent in Berlin, from where he reports about the main German and European economic and political topics. He has been a contributor to various media such as RTVE, PressEurop, Esquire and Forbes. Alberto holds a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University in Madrid and the Free University of Brussels.
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Germany 2015: Some happy news, yet not enough to revive eurozone’s growth

BERLIN | By Alberto LozanoThe German economy has gone from growing at 0.8% q-o-q earlier this year to being on the verge of recession as a result of the geopolitical situation, especially after the sanctions against Russia. Only now in December the country seems to recover its confidence. However, an expected GDP growth of around 1% in 2015 continues to be insufficient to spur growth in the Eurozone.

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Is austerity losing the battle in Europe?

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | The different measures implemented in Europe in order to boost growth through increased monetary action, investment and structural reforms have replaced austerity as the new dominant dogma. While Angela Merkel is adapting to the new situation, Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann disagrees with more budget flexibility and a possible QE by the ECB in 2015. (Cartoon: Horsch / La Repubblica).

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TTIP: Germany’s got the upper hand

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is being negotiated between the European Commission and the United States in Brussels. Once again, Germany, as Europe’s economic and political powerhouse, could have the last word on its contents and approval. 

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EZ can’t rely on Germany for growth

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano The Eurozone cannot afford another recession, hence the international and European institutional pressure to force Germany to speed up its economic growth. However, the German economy has grown by only 0.1% in 3Q and, according to the experts, it seems unlikely that it will accelerate in the coming quarters.


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A significant step forward in the global fight against tax evasion

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | While European media focus their attention on  low inflation across Europe, concerns about the budgets of France and Italy, as well as the  need for investment in Germany, more than 50 countries are about to take a crucial step in the fight against tax avoidance: the signing of the Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on implementing a new international standard in the automatic exchange of information (AEOI).

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The 1,697 ‘less significant entities’ of the German banking sector

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano| This November, the European Central Bank will assume its new banking supervisory responsibilities. Firstly, on 26th October the ECB will publish results of comprehensive assessments that will determine the financial health of 120 banks in the Eurozone. These tests cover approximately 85% of total bank assets. But what about the remaining 3,532 small banks of the euro area?

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Is Germany’s growth losing momentum?

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | After Q1’s strong growth, numbers show that the German economy has slowed down during 2Q’s first two months, as Bundesbank reported this week. Both the industrial sector and the construction have fallen compared with the 1Q.  However, it seems that Europe’s economic powerhouse will recover its strength in the coming months.