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Educated at the LSE, Chandra joined Lehman Brothers where he initially traded commodity options, specialising in risk management through OTC & listed derivatives. His career spans over 25 years in international financial markets having held positions in fixed income & money markets, in both London & Madrid. He worked almost 18 years at Grupo CIMD, where he set up and managed the Emerging Markets & Credit division. He currently lectures in International Financial Markets at the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, Madrid.
The effects of world trade tensions remain in the future

Brave New World Trade Cooperation

Chandra Roy | As a looming Brexit relentlessly edges closer, could the prospect of a new global cooperation slowly edge to the brink of reality? Speaking recently about Brexit and the implications on global trade, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, described it as an “acid test of whether a way can be found to broaden the benefits of openness while enhancing democratic accountability”.

Populism vs populism

Populism Vs Populism

Chandra Roy | There are two kinds populism. The first, those who have fought against the established patriarchy and rampant racism which has unfortunately contaminated our species. The second kind is the new under capped factions fighingt against the very principle of favouritism which was initially endeavoured to be eradicated by the first wave of populism.

Leverage loans. The next trigger?

Leverage loans. The next trigger?

Chandra Roy | The likely catalyst to trigger the widely forecast turn in global stocks is still firmly parked in the ballpark of the US economy, where current general consensus points to a downturn in GDP growth of around 2.5% this year 2019, and close to 2.0% for the next. Leverage loans are made to companies of a risky credit profile, the suitors who have traditionally focused on the issuance of high yield debt in search of funding. Clearly, one to watch out for in the current year.

Does anyone truly understand Brexit?

Does Anyone Truly Understand Brexit?

Chandra Roy | Back in June 2016, the Brexit referendum vote delivered a momentous verdict that defied all media speculation, procrastinators and polls delivering the unexpected result of a marginal majority to leave the European Union. But what exactly was under contention?

The EU will not grant London unlimited access to European financial markets

Brexit: All Eyes Turn On The UK Parliament

Chandra Roy | The next fortnight back at Westminster is likely to be the toughest of Mrs May’s tenure, but equally a testing period for the EU on the prospect of a rejection by UK MP’s, which could ultimately send the process back to “square one” and “open the door to more division and more uncertainty”, as Mrs May’s put it.

M&A are increasingly growing in Europe

M&A Deals: Fundamentals For A Robust Market Clearly In Position

In 2017, the global aggregate value of M&A deals amounted to $3.66tr, predicted to increase to $4.4tr in 2018. This year, in the US alone, the first six months of the year registered a balance $2.5Tr, up 40% on 2017, with megadeals in excess of $10bn constituting some 38% of the total.

Ponerse en corto

Short-Selling Is Likely To Gather Further Momentum

Chandra Roy | In this tenth anniversary of the financial market crisis, market regulators can clearly be seen to support the short-sell strategy of securities, rather than outlaw it. The practice is likely to gather further momentum as it is widely expected that at some point, new legislation will allow insurance companies and other final users to participate in the pool of securities on offer; currently, borrowers must source their needs from depositories and other trading houses via bespoke agreements.