One Year Of Team Juncker: A New Start For Europe?

Juncker investment plan in SpainPresident EC Jean Claude Juncker

ViEUws | In November 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker became leader of the EU’s most powerful body – the European Commission. Backed by a large majority of MEPs, the former Luxembourg Premier promised an “agenda of reform”. He vowed to make the Commission both more political and more transparent, demanding that all meetings between top officials and lobbyists be made public. Juncker also restructured the Commission: he appointed a board of “Vice-Presidents” who would need to approve any proposals from individual commissioners, before they could start to become law.

A year after the 28 commissioners entered office last November, we ask six influential figures from within the EU bubble for their take on Juncker’s first year as President. Is his Commission really a change from the old guard?