The auto trade war is a shaky ceasefire

The Auto Trade War Is A Shaky Ceasefire

BoAML do not think the Juncker-Trump trade agreement is a game changer. Rather they argue that the deal lowers the near-term risk of an auto trade war, supporting their cautious optimism on Europe. However, the deal is largely symbolic in nature, and as we have seen with past “ceasefires”, it may not last long.

Germany will have to accept greater responsibility within the EU and in the world

“The “Schism” Between East And West Is More Dangerous Than The One Between North And South”

Ana Fuentes | “The European leaders will also have to deal with insuring and enlarging a multilateral open system for trade, threatened not only by the US policies, which will lead to Germany having to accept more responsibility within the EU and in the world – and this includes not only the fields of economy and finance,” says Joachim Bitterlich, who was advisor to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl and is currently Professor at the ESCP School in Paris.

Juncker investment plan in Spain

The Junker Plan: Much Ado About Nothing

There has been a lot of song and dance about extending the ‘Junker Plan’ to promote investments of up to 630 billion euros over the next six years. But the fact is that, up to now, projects worth 116 billion euros have been approved under the auspices of the Plan, according to the European Commission (EC)’s own estimates.


Brexit Outlook Gets Nasty

Calls for keeping a low-key profile till the new UK Prime Minister takes office and agrees terms with its EU partners on the broad Brexit strategy seem to be being largely ignored. Mr Juncker jumped on the opportunity to deliver a stern and ill-timed warning to the UK.