European Elections: the dangerous rise of europhobia, disappointment and disaffection

The Corner Analysis | In the grim day in which the French National Front victory broke the expectations of a more united and strong Europe, Spaniards broke the bipartisan establishment for the first time in 35 years. Podemos, born from the Indignados (outraged) movement, was the biggest surprise in the political arena. Voters weary of austerity measures and corruption also punished the political establishment in Greece. Eurosceptics and xenophobe movements dangerously gained strenght in Denmark, Austria, Finland and the UK.


EURO ELECTIONS: Germany will win, no matter what -but does it care?

BERLIN | By Alberto Lozano | The upcoming EU elections (May 22-25) arrive in a moment of enormous challenges for the Union. What happens in the next months can change definitely the political and economic landscape. Again, Germany plays the main role with its 67 million of voters and the two ‘frontrunners’ supported by the two big parties from the German Coalition. However, 72% of its citizens have low or no interest in the polls.


De Guindos letter, the markets’ anxiety

free credit help online By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | The Spanish minister for the Economy Luis de Guindos finally released Monday the letter addressed to the Eurogroup president Jean-Claude Juncker with the aim of officially requiring financial assistance to recapitalise troubled national banks. His words have taken the front pages of all the Spanish media. According to Europa Press, the letter begins with this paragraph: “I have the honour…


The joke is on you, Mr Juncker

Semiotics of those now popular images go little farther beyond a simple, unsubtle fact: Spain’s finance minister Luis de Guindos is certainly not familiar with the sort of humour the Eurogroup’s chief, Jean-Claude Juncker, displayed Monday when he took Guindos’ neck between his bare hands ahead of their meeting. The prime minister of Luxembourg would next time be best advised to gently pat his Spanish colleague’s back; after all, the whole…