González and Guerra call on PSOE to rebel against the amnesty: “There can be no amnesty and we cannot let ourselves be blackmailed”

FelipeyGuerraFelipe González & Alfonso Guerra

The former president of the PSOE, Felipe González, and the former vice-president, Alfonso Guerra, on Wednesday blasted Pedro Sánchez and the drift of his party, the PSOE, for opening up to granting an amnesty to the charges of the pro-Crime pending trial in order to revalidate the government with the votes of Junts and the rest of the pro-independence parties.

Guerra has branded his secretary general as “disloyal” and “dissident” for having changed his mind about the secessionist rebellion, about governing with Podemos and many other examples that he listed in the presentation of his latest book, La rosa y las espinas (The Rose and the Thorns). Next to him sat former president González, who seconded the indignation of those present with Sánchez: “There can be no amnesty, because it is not politically acceptable and does not fit in the Constitution. We cannot let ourselves be blackmailed”. Both Guerra and González have declared themselves defenders of the PSOE for their words.

“Amnesty means the deliberate humiliation of the generation of the transition. Amnesty means the rupture of democracy. It means the condemnation of 90% of the Spanish people who voted for the Constitution in 1978. And who want agreements between the parties that defend the Constitution. Amnesty is the disappearance of responsibility for what they did. In other words, they did not commit a crime. And that is a criminalisation that a democrat cannot accept”, said González’s former number two.

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