“The Ashes Of The Nation”

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“Sánchez is capable of competing with Johnson in his race of compulsive liars” says the former editor of El País. Hours before the debate on the State of the Nation begins in the Spanish Parliament, Juan Luis Cebrián, the former first editor of the well-known “government newspaper” – El País – has published a very harsh article (“Las cenizas de la Nación”). In it he points out, for example, that ‘In this week’s debate, Pedro Sánchez must explain the disaster of our foreign policy, the militaristic ardour and, above all, the unheard-of proposal of historical dismemory that pays homage to ETA terrorism.’

The former El País editor explains that ‘we are suffering a structural crisis that seriously threatens the survival of the institutions’ and denounces that: ‘the Prime Minister, in accordance with his resistance manual, has abandoned all efforts to strengthen the role of the central parties, threatened on the left by linguistic nationalism and on the right by sociological Francoism. Two illnesses which, if left unchecked, could put an end to peaceful coexistence and the secure future of the Spanish people’.

In conclusion, he argues that “There is not much to expect from the parliamentary session. Because when it comes to constructing the narrative, Sánchez is capable of competing with Boris Johnson in his race of compulsive liars, both convinced as they are of Lenin’s maxim: Except for power, everything is illusion’.

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