"45.5% of Greeks would vote in favor in the austerity referendum"

According to surveys that JP Morgan analysts have carried out for their investors, this is what the Greeks believe at this moment:

Impact of Europe summit in Greece: 44% negative; 15% likely to be negative; 36% positive or probably positive.

The agreement is a great loss of sovereignty for Greece: 49%

Greece should stay within the Euro: 73%

Greece should return to the Drachma: Less than 20%

The agreement with Europe should be approved by: absolute majority in Congress: 76%; referendum: 54% simple majority in Congress: 40% (notice that this does not total 100%)

What they would vote in the Referendum: in Favor 45.5%; Against: 35%

PASOK should stay in power: 36%

Greater cooperation in politics is needed: 55%

Elections should be called ahead of time: 37%

The political parties they support: New Democracy (Samaras) 22.2%; PASOK (Papandreou) 14.7%; KKE (Communist) 9.1%, SYRIZA (radical left) 5.1%; LAOS (right-wing nationalists) 6.3%;  Democratic Left 4.2%; Green 3.4%; Democratic Alliance 2.6%; Undecided >25%

Person to lead a unified government: Option 1: Lucas Papademos (VP of the ECB), Option 2: Samaras.

Outlook: Pessimistic 21%; Anxious 21%; Angry 20%; Hopeful 17%

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