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Spanish Politics: Ten Lost Months

Mr Rajoy has appointed his new cabinet ministers on Friday. When we talk about governance in Spain, with what is clearly a minority government, the socialist party’s participation in this future looks inevitable. And only then will we witness its capacity for reinvention and getting past the slogans.


Spain: Somebody please bring down the tension

Fernando González Urbaneja | The electoral tension is over… at least until the next time. Which is close, but deserves some respect, some time to rest. The government is legitimately constituted, everyone has played their cards and made their commitments, the cards have been dealt, and it would be a good idea to give a little leeway while the positions reached settle… At least a Christmas truce, until the new…


Social Security offices in state of collapse: “I’ve been waiting four months for an appointment to retire”

Getting an appointment to deal with pperwork at the Madrid offices of the National Social Security Institute is mission impossible. There are citizens who have taken up to four months to get an appointment after spending day after day in front of the computer, as nobody answers the phone. The central government is looking for ways to solve this problem, while the CSIF trade union demands an urgent meeting and…

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Monetary Tightening Is A Double-Edged Sword

J.P. Marín-Arrese|Skyrocketing prices confront central bankers with a challenging dilemma. Their sacred duty to preserve stability forces them to take vigorous action to curb inflation. Yet, they are conscious that tightening the monetary stance will fail to put on hold the current supply shock. Worse still, only by pulling hard on the hand brake coulld they stop short prices from escalating. A move that would come at a heavy cost…

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Thirteen Banks Lost Money In Spain In The First Half Of The Year, Two Less Than A Year Earlier

A total of 13 banks operating in Spain posted net losses in the first half of 2021. This is compared to 15 entities that recorded ‘red numbers’ in the same period of the previous year, according to the financial statements of banks published on Friday by the Bank of Spain. In the first half of the year, ten banks associated with the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), one of the Spanish…

Spanish companies' cost of financing at minimum lows

Spain’s Regulations For Direct Aid To Companies Come Several Months Later Than In Germany, France And Italy

Funcas | The aim of this note is to outline the recent initiatives in terms of direct aid from the governments of Germany, Spain, France and Italy. While in Italy the aid has been extended to the whole economy, as in Germany and France, in Spain it is limited to the sectors most affected (commerce, hotels and restaurants, leisure, etc.). The amount of aid is relatively low in Spain compared to the other three countries, however Spain is the only country that grants a minimum benefit of 4,000 euros for all eligible businesses. 

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Global Debt Burden Could Exceed $277 Bn By 2020; Many Emerging Economies To Face Another Lost Decade

Intermoney | In the first nine months of the year, according to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), which represents a sort of international banking association, global debt has increased by $15 trillion and is likely to exceed $277 trillion by 2020. Thus, at the end of this year, the world debt would amount to 365% of GDP, compared to 320% at the end of 2019, along with the high figures in developed countries that are only possible due to the role of last resort lender of their central banks.

Emerging Equity Still Has A Higher Potential

Emerging Equity Still Has A Higher Potential

Unigestion | October began in the shadow of highly negative expectations but ended on a positive note, as key dangers were avoided. Will this trend continue, which assets will end up flying to the moon, and how can we position ourselves for the final 40 trading days of the year?


Almirall: recent revaluation (+46%) reduces potential 13.1%

I. Isardo (Link Securities) | Almirall (ALM) is a vertically integrated international pharmaceutical group which focuses on the purchase, production, storage, commercialisation and mediation in the sale of specialities and pharmaceutical products and of all types of raw materials used in the production of specialities and pharmaceutical products.