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Telefónica To Extend The 5G Network To 75% Of The Population This Year

As of today, Telefónica’s 5G network is available in all the autonomous communities, with outstanding hyperconnectivity in European terms as a result of its combination with fibre optics. According to Telefónica chairman José María Álvarez-Pallete “5G will bring huge benefits for Spain. This is a golden opportunity for our country to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. This move will enable 75% of the Spanish population to obtain access to this new technology by the end of the year.

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Across Europe, Imaginary 5G Threats Create Real-World Headaches

European News | All of a sudden, a raft of new sensational stories emerged: 5G is responsible for causing COVID-19; 5G is spreading the virus at lightning speeds; 5G is a front for a global ploy to inject us all with a “vaccine” designed to track our movements. Such speculation borders on the absurd, but its consequences are no laughing matter. Since January, there have been over 140 attacks on telecoms infrastructure across 10 European countries, with 87 incidents taking place in the UK alone.

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COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Have Real-World Consequences

Gary Buswell | Conspiracy theories seem to be a staple of major global events, so it’s no surprise that COVID-19 has become the biggest hotbed for unfounded “alternative narratives” since 9/11. Various theories are circulating across social media, sucking in a worrying number of high-profile public figures who seem willing to share disinformation without checking the facts, even though these narratives have little basis in reality and are not supported by any credible experts or academics.


5G Is Going To Change The World

Andy Budden (Capital Group) | The impact 5G will have on a wide range of industries is likely to be bigger than we’ve seen with any previous generation of mobile telecoms. Each previous new generation of network has produced a big jump in speed. And we will certainly see this with 5G, which is estimated to be between 10 and 100 times faster than 4G. But 5G is about much more than quicker phone downloads.

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The German Rescue Fund Reaches €1.3 Tr (4% GDP), By Far The Largest In Europe

In Germany, Angela Merkel has announced a 130 billion euro stimulus package to combat the crisis caused by the pandemic. After the second day of negotiations, the German coalition government has managed to agree on an aid programme to be implemented between this year and next, which will be added to the one launched in March, valued at 156 billion euros, exceeding the initial estimates of 50-100 billion.

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Boris Johnson’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Peter Isackson | Until January 31 of this year, there was both a tunnel linking Britain to the continent and a powerful (metaphorical) bridge called the European Union. Now the tunnel is all that connects England and Europe. Johnson’s engineers are hard at work dismantling that symbolic bridge, which may explain why Boris feels the still-united kingdom needs a new physical bridge — a symbol to replace a symbol.

European telcos face the challenge of sustainable investment in 2020

The Spanish Government Will Auction 5G In May

In May, the Spanish government will hold an auction for the 700 megahertz (Mhz) frequency band scheduled for this year, 2020, in order to complete the release of the spectrum needed for the mass deployment of the new 5G mobile technology before June 30.

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EU Industrial Chief Weighs in on 5G Debate

  (European Views) | The European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services Thierry Breton has rejected claims that relying on European firms in the ongoing 5G network roll-out would cause substantial delays, commenting on rising tensions in Germany over the possible risks posed by Chinese firm Huawei Technologies.

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The Global 5G Roll-Out is a Geopolitical Turning Point

Joanna Eva (European Views) | For the best part of two years, wireless carriers in the US and Europe have been hailing the imminent onset of 5G technology. In Europe, Switzerland, Spain and the UK have already adopted commercial 5G coverage in major cities. Beyond the obvious benefits of the new technology, however, most consumers remain wilfully ignorant to the geopolitical realities of the ongoing roll-out; 2020 presents nothing less than an existential crossroads for democracies around the world.