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Pre-OPEC Meeting : Will The Organization Restore Brent Backwardation?

Nitesh Shah (Wisdom Tree) | With the coronavirus spreading around the world, the market is understandably scared that demand for crude oil will fall hard this year. Brent oil prices have fallen from a peak of US$68/barrel in the first week of January to US$56/barrel currently (24/02/2020). We believe that the backwardation in the Brent oil futures curve is generated by the fact that OPEC is ready to intervene.

Oil gap between Brent and West Texas

The Oil Gap Between Brent And West Texas Is Not Entirely Down To The Recent Saudi Moves

The Crown Prince and de-facto ruler of the Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, (MBS) launched an anti-corruption drive to safeguard the reform and modernization of the Saudi economy. Oil meanwhile looks to have broken out to the upside, which is very much a function of Brent Crude rather than West Texas Intermediate. The gap down started to open in August with Hurricane Harvey, not now with Saudi developments.

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A Price For All Seasons

BARCLAYS | New unplanned outages look unlikely to abate in the next couple of months, which have contributed to a tighter 1H16 oil market balance and new variability in the price forecast.