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UK and Germany Give Back To The Canary Islands The Status Of Safe Destination

The low incidence of the Covid19 virus in the Spanish islands has led the United Kingdom to include again the archipelago in its list of safe air corridors, which will mean that travellers will not need to go into quarantine. For its part, Germany will lift the restriction on travel to the islands on Saturday. Both countries, which are the two largest international sources of tourists to the Canary Islands, will boost the tourist season in a region where this sector accounts for 35% of GDP and 40% of employment.

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Foreign tourists in Spain spend 8.1% more than in 2010

The amount of money spent by international tourists visiting Spain from January to November 2011 was €49.985 billion, that is 8.1% more than last year according to figures reported in the Survey of Tourist Expenditures (Egatur) of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. The average expenditure per tourist stood at €929 in the first eleven months, 0.2% more than during the same period in 2010, while average daily spending…