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Cellnex to focus on reducing debt below 6x Net Debt-to-EBITDA to achieve IG rating following CEO resignation

Bankinter | Cellnex CEO Tobias Martinez announced his resignation on Wednesday. He will step down on 3 June. In his resignation letter he explains: “The current economic and financial context, different from the one that has marked the successful development of the company’s industrial project over the last eight years, demands that we open a new chapter in the Cellnex story. A new stage based on maximising organic growth; consolidating…

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Cellnex To Increase Capital By €4 Bn To Finance New Acquisitions

The rumor has been confirmed. Cellnex has announced a capital increase of 4 billion euros, 18.5% of its current market cap, which will put into circulation 101.4 million shares, which means 26.3% of the current shares at an issue price of 39.45 euros. The purpose of the capital hike is to finance the group’s expansion via acquisitions. According to the company’s press release, it is looking at assets worth up to 11 billion euros to invest in within the next 18 months.

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Telecommunication towers: a new ‘sector’ in Europe?

Cellnex’s stock market listing in 2015 was the first in a series of moves (Inwit’s share offer, the sale of Telefonica’s stake in Telxius, etc) towards the creation of a listed telecommunications’ infrastructure sector, focusing on the mobile broad band segment.

Cellnex buys El Corte Inglés' antenna business for € 70M

Cellnex: A Growth Investment In The Medium-Long Term

Cellnex Telecom is the leading independent operator of wireless telecommunications’ infrastructure in Europe. It is a growth investment opportunity, but it is currently trading at too demanding multiples. We would recommend to wait for some dips in the stock market to start to build up a position with a medium-long term view.