“Show me the money” also applies for her

NEW YORK | For each dollar a man earns in the U.S., the average female professional gets only 80 cents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Only twelve out of 500 companies in the Fortune index are run by women. Apparently it will take them 40 years to match their peers in the corporate world, non-profit organization Catalyst points out. The truth is that women who have reached the…

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The no-no’s of a good CEO

NEW YORK | What makes an interesting CEO, a really charismatic one? And what kills all the charm? A survey by the 10 Company and Gotham Research Group conducted last December among business bloggers pointed out the worst sentences a manager could possible pronounce. Here is an excerpt of the article by Celeste Altus at Mediabistro. “Win-win situation”: I think this one hit its effectiveness peak in the 1980s. Bloggers point…