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cie automotive

CIE Automotive and EIB sign €36m loan for RD+I

Link Securities | The European Investment Bank (EIB) and CIE Automotive (CIE) have signed a €36 million loan to finance the company’s research, development and innovation activities and their application in the manufacture of high value-added components for the automotive sector. The funding will also support CIE’s investments in process optimisation through digitisation and the development of more sustainable manufacturing technologies. The investments will be carried out at the company’s…

cie automotive

CIE Automotive acquires the Italian company Somaschini for 5x ebitda

Cie Automotive will acquire 100% of the social capital of Somaschini S.p.A. The enterprise value is 79.6 million euros, equivalent to less than five times EBITDA for this year, and will be adjusted at closure of the deal depending on its indebtedness, as is usual in this type of operation.

CIE Automotive

CIE Automotive renews a loan of 690 M€ until 2024

At the close of Q12019 CIE signalled that it’s net financial debt has risen to 943.6 M€, which implies a NFD/EBITDA ratio of 1.74X. Positive news for the firm, as it has more funds to increase the loan and extend repayment to 2024.

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“CIE Automotive has always emerged stronger from crises”

Fernando Barciela | “In the 2008 crisis, the only car assembly industry where production expanded was in Spain. It’s only through crises that you find maximum efficiency. They are good for making everyone react and put every effort they can into improving the production chain. In fact, in CIE we are always going through some crisis or other,” explains Jesús María Herrera Barandiarán, CEO of CIE Automotive.

CIE Automotive

CIE Automotive Earns 25% More; Shares Still Have 7% Upside

Cie Automotive, the Spanish company which specialises in producing components for the automobile sector, registered a 25.5% rise in net profit to 123 million euros in the nine months to September from a year earlier. Link Securities has calculated a new valuation for the company which at current prices offers a potential upside for CIE’s shares of over 7%.