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Corporación Financiera Alba takes a 3% stake in Inmobiliaria Colonial

Alphavalue / Divacons| The company has taken a 3.01% stake in Inmobiliaria Colonial, according to CNMV data. Thus, at current prices, the almost 16.3 million shares have a value of €85.9 million. On the other hand, our analysts have upgraded their EPS estimates for the Spanish holding company. We improve our 2023 EPS forecast by +24% (€3.56/share vs. €2.87/share previously expected) and for 2024 EPS by +22% ( €4.04/share vs….

Family owned

“Family Owned” More Convincing

Analysts at Carax- Alphavalue have been holding sceptical views as a rule about the benefits of holding stakes in companies held by families or under their influence. However they may have to change their mind thanks to a couple of charts of the relative performance of a universe made of 104 stocks tagged as “under family influence”. They hence provides a list of “family” stocks with a significant upside potential, which includes Spanish Corporación Financiera Alba ranking first, and Acciona fourth.