Corruption in Spain

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The Mask Scandal Deserves A “Forensic”

Fernando González Urbaneja | Amongst the characteristics of advanced democracies, in addition to clean and regular voting, the separation of powers, the existence of a militant public opinion, i.e. with independent and critical media… there is also a system of accountability, of explaining the actions of the government to the citizens. For example, on the succession of scandals linked to the urgent and disorderly purchases of health equipment to deal…

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Getting soaked in corruption

MADRID | By Fernando G. Urbaneja | Over the last couple of years, polls have been registering the rise of corruption on the list of the major concerns for Spaniards, and now it is the second largest concern –behind unemployment. At the same time, expectations for the next elections have been plummeting, especially for the major parties, which have been affected most by corruption. Throughout the democratic history of the country, the two biggest Spanish parties usually gathered three quarters of the parliamentary seats. Now, they barely reach half of that amount. 

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Corruption ranks second in Spaniards’ worries

MADRID| Fernando G. Urbaneja| Spanish leaders try to diminish the importance of corruption in the country’s political sphere. They say it is not a general practice, that cases in the public eye are manageable exceptions. But citizens do not seem to agree.

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Why is Spain Under Suspicion- A Foreign Correspondent’s View

MADRID | By Stefanie Claudia Müller | Foreign media is astonished by how rarely Spaniards seem to protest against corruption within their own state. Although the correspondents try to sell these stories, at home no one seems to be much interested in publishing them, because the fact of a corrupt Spain is according to many European newspapers “old news.” This highlights the fact that Spain’s image problems are not recent.