Neither The G20 Nor COP26 Make Conceivable Proposals For Credible Decarbonisation

Luis Alcaide | In Rome, at the G20 meeting, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi was confident about the success of the conference: “We put coal behind us”. Nothing of the sort. The headlines in the previous editions of the Hungarian press on 1 November read: “Scarce coal restrictions leave a big gap”. A big difference. The leaders of the 20 major economies of the planet have agreed to “halt…


Spain Reduced Its Emissions In The Carbon Market By 21% In 2020

T.C. | According to data from the Sustainability Observatory, Spain reduced its emissions in the carbon market by 21% in 2020 (13% in 2019) in a year marked by the covid19 pandemic, in which the emissions of all the major companies fell, albeit with very notable differences between them: ENDESA decreases by 45%, FCC, EDP or IBERDROLA by around 25%, while the oil companies REPSOL and CEPSA or the gas company NATURGY have presented smaller decreases. The fuel combustion sector has decreased by a historic 26% between 2020 and 2019 while the oil companies, for example, have only decreased by 8%.


Spanish Big Power Companies Invested Over €1.15 Bn In Spain Between 2016 and 2018

The five main integrated utilities operating in the Spanish electricity sector (EDP, Endesa, Iberdrola, Naturgy and Viesgo) invested over 11 billion euros in their activities in this market between 2016 and 2018, according to a report prepared by Deloitte. Of this total investment figure, €1.15 Bn corresponded to R&D&I in those three years, of which almost a third was allocated to electricity in Spain over the period.