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What To Expect From Sri Lanka’s Debt Restructuring? Lessons From Argentina And Ecuador

Alicia Garcia Herrero & Junyu Tan (Natixis) | After the pre-emptive announcement to suspend all foreign debt repayments until discussions for an IMF bailout are completed, on May 18 Sri Lanka stepped into the dangerous path of a sovereign default as it missed the 30-day grace period on its USD 78 million worth coupon payments originally due April 18. Against this backdrop, investors’ key question is how deep the debt…

Ecuador leaves the OPEC to avoid production cuts

Ecuador Leaves The OPEC To Avoid Production Cuts

The decision was announced last October and came into effect in the new year. The Government of Lenín Moreno decided to leave the cartel, led by Saudi Arabia, to escape the procuction cuts, with which the organization intends to boost oil prices. Oil is the second largest source of income for Ecuador’s coffers.